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How is Sam’s different from a “rent to own” store?

  1. Sam’s showroom and on site warehouse are much larger than our competitors’. We have about 10 times as much quality merchandise on display for you to choose from.
  2. Sam’s cash prices are MUCH lower than rent to own stores and “tote the note” stores, and in most cases lower than retail stores. Since the cash price is so much lower, your total ownership cost will be much lower. Sam’s is a better deal from the very start! Most customers tell us our total price to ownership is from one third to one half what the rent to own stores charge, and they tell us we are much better to do business with. You be the judge.
  3. Sam’s merchandise is all new, except for a few clearly marked lease return items. You get what you want brand new, and at a great price.
  4. Sam’s big warehouse is right here, so if you want to pick up your new merchandise it is more than likely in the box and ready to load up.
  5. Sam’s reports your payment history to the credit bureau to help you build or rebuild your credit history. Other companies may say they do, but Sam’s has a proven track record of helping people rebuild their credit history!
  6. Sam’s has a wonderful selection of quality mattresses in all sizes and price ranges. Sam’s feels you deserve a great night’s sleep regardless of your credit history. Rent to own stores seem to think you don’t need much quality or selection in beds.
  7. Sam’s welcomes your payment in cash, check, credit card, over the web, or just about any way you want to pay! Some rent to own stores still want cash only!
  8. Sam’s payment plans are monthly because this is the only way the credit bureau will accept reporting. Rent to own stores do mostly weekly or bi-weekly payments. Yet another reason Sam’s has lower prices: less paperwork. Sam’s sends out a monthly statement. Our statement shows your next payment and when it is due, as well as your early pay off amount, if you choose to exercise your early pay off option. Most rent to own stores don’t want you to know how many more payments you have to make.
  9. Sam’s is home-owned and home-operated. We have been in business here in Tarrant County since 1946. You will be satisfied. Period. Most rent to own stores are chain stores with hundreds or thousands of locations, and the “boss” is far away. Their owners are just a bunch of stockholders who are only interested in profit. At Sam’s we’re interested in you, and helping you!
  10. Sam’s employees are different. Many have been with Sam’s for 15 or 20 years. On average, our employees have been with Sam’s for over 10 years. They know how important each customer is. Rent to own stores normally have very high employee turn over rates.
  11. If you miss a payment, Sam’s will do every thing possible to work with you and help you get caught up. Sam’s goal is for you to achieve ownership. Most rent to own stores are only interested in “our merchandise or your money”. We hope you will not have a problem making your payment, but if something happens and you need help please call us as soon as possible, and we will work with you. You will see the difference!
  12. Sam’s treats all of our customers with respect. We are told some rent to own employees do not.
  13. Sam’s belongs to several buying groups that make us able to buy our merchandise at much lower prices and offer you better values every day. Sam’s warehouse is big enough for full truckloads of merchandise. This saves on freight and is much better for our planet earth!
  14. Sam’s is an A+ member of the better business bureau. Sam’s goes the extra mile to see you are satisfied.
  15. Because we care, Sam’s has many employees that speak Spanish for our customers that are more comfortable speaking Spanish.
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