Sam's Customer Bill of Rights

Sam's goal is to provide each and every customer a shopping experience so enjoyable that you will want to brag on us to your friends! You may enter our doors as a stranger but we hope you'll exit as our friend.

As a Sam's customer:

You have the right not to feel pressured.

Sam's is a stress-free environment. We are just here to help you with the item(s) you came in for. For that reason, our pay is not based on commission.

You have the right to have your time respected.Your time is valuable.

We will strive to take care of your needs the first time you visit, call or e-mail. If contacting us by e-mail, please let us know how you most prefer to be contacted in return.

You have the right to be heard.

Your opinions are important. If you feel like we can do a better job, please let us know immediately. Our team is thoroughly trained to ensure that your transactions are seamless and exceed your expectations. You can expect a real person to answer your call during normal business hours.

You have the right to fair pricing.  Our pricing is competitive.

We do not play games with our pricing; we offer lower prices every day on every item throughout the store than most competitors during so-called sales. We buy direct from the manufacturer to save you more money.

You have the right to quality merchandise.

We want the best for your home. Our buyers spend countless hours reviewing new products and manufacturers. If we do not feel like it meets our quality standards, you will not see it at Sam's.