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Introducing Sam's lease-to-own Furniture Program


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Need new furniture, appliances or mattresses?

Short on cash?

Need to rebuild your credit or just get started?

Sam's Furniture & Appliances is your smart choice for lease-to-own furniture in Fort Worth, Arlington, and Haltom City!

Improve your credit in a snap with on-time payments. Only at Sam’s can you own your furniture faster and for less — much less — with Sam’s SmartLease™ early payoff plan.

Click on the video below to learn more about our rent-to-own furniture program which has helped hundreds of people throughout North Texas to rebuild their credit and cultivate the home decor of their dreams!

How It Works


Getting the furniture, appliances, and mattresses that you need (or that you want) is now easier than ever before. Thanks to Sam’s lease-to-own furniture program, known as the SmartLease™, customers in Fort Worth, Arlington, Haltom City, and elsewhere throughout North Texas have a readily available rent-to-own furniture option. With just a few simple steps, you too can get on the path toward owning the new furniture you’ve always wanted — regardless of your current credit situation.

Sam’s Furniture & Appliances in Fort Worth is your smart choice for the best, brand name luxury home furniture at the best prices. But even if you’re short on cash, have poor credit, or even have no credit to your name, you don’t have to miss out on our quality home furniture.

Sam’s is proud to offer the best rent-to-own furniture program, featuring the lowest lease-to-own payments in North Texas.


How can we be sure of this? Because our math is different. When it comes to lease-to-own furniture, we make it easy and affordable for everyone. We start with a low cash price, made possible by our wide range of inventory which comes straight from the manufacturers. These great furniture prices are just part of what makes Sam’s your smart choice — but that’s not all.

Rather than taking into account your credit’s past, we look forward to your credit’s future — allowing you to build or repair your credit from poor, to average, to excellent in no time at all. With on-time payments and regular reporting to the major credit bureaus, Sam’s ensures that you get set up with the best value and the best plan for your financial situation.

Our team provides a level of exceptional customer service which is hard to come by these days, all while working hard to get you approved no matter the situation. Under the right circumstances, you can even opt to own your leased furniture faster, and for less, with the SmartLease™ early payoff plan.

Here’s a quick rundown of how the Sam’s lease-to-own furniture program works:


Check out our blog to learn more about the process for our rent-to-own furniture program in Fort Worth!

As you can see above, our Fort Worth furniture store aims to be your smart choice for rent-to-own furniture. We want to make it as simple as possible for you to bring home the furniture of your dreams today — or even as soon as the next day with our free Fort Worth furniture delivery option — for less. All it takes is a few simple steps:

  • Suit Your Style: With Sam’s Furniture & Appliances, you can browse, choose, and purchase your lease-to-own furniture online. Select your style, mix and match your appliances, and choose from the widest selection of Signature Design by Ashley furniture in Fort Worth. Or if you prefer, simply swing by one of our three North Texas furniture stores to try them out for yourself. Found what you want but you’re short on cash (or don’t have the credit score you want)? No problem! 
  • Get Approved: At Sam’s, we make it easy and possible for just about everybody to get approved for our lease-to-own furniture program. We believe in second chances and are much more concerned about your credit future than its past. To get approved for our rent-to-own furniture program, all you need to bring is a current valid driver’s license, a paystub or proof of income (within 30 days), and a recent bill with your name and current address. You can even apply for SmartLease™ online to simplify the process even more!
  • Bring Home Your Furniture: The next step is to bring home the furniture that fits your lifestyle — and your budget. With the lowest cash prices and affordable lease-to-own payments, we make designing the home of your dreams simple and accessible to all. Whether you stop by our Fort Worth furniture warehouse, or you opt for free Fort Worth furniture delivery, you can take home your furniture, appliance, or mattress sooner rather than later. 
  • Payments = Credit: How does our lease-to-own furniture program actually help you improve your credit? It’s simple, really. We set you up with a unique, 17-month payment plan which allows you to make easy payments. If you do so on-time, there’s a good chance that your credit score will be improved over the course of your lease. That’s because we report each payment to the major credit bureaus, which typically recommend six months or more of positive payment history to impact your score significantly.


If you want, you can also opt for the early payoff option to own your leased furniture faster. And that’s it! Sam’s Furniture & Appliances is your smart choice for lease-to-own furniture in North Texas — shop online or swing by one of our three North Texas furniture store locations to see why for yourself.

Advantages Of lease-to-own Furniture


So why is Sam’s your smart choice for lease-to-own furniture in Fort Worth and beyond? That’s simple, too. A few of the perks of our SmartLease™ program include:

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    Best Service

    We work hard to get you approved

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    Howdy Neighbor!

    We’ve been a part of the North Texas community since 1946.

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    Best Features

    Cash, Easy Financing, lease-to-own Furniture, Plus Sam’s easy SmartLease(™) Early Payoff Plan Is Smart.

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    No Hidden Fees

    Get the lowest furniture lease payments in town.

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    Top Brands

    At Sam’s, you can find top brand names like Ashley Home Furniture, the world’s #1 maker

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    It Just Makes Sense

    We make it work for you right here, right now. Sam’s lease-to-own furniture will make your home feel more like home!

Browse Products

But the advantages of rent-to-own home furniture don’t end there. Sure, with Sam’s you are getting dedicated, personalized attention from our staff. But you’re also getting the biggest and best selection of home furniture in all of North Texas. With three Sam’s Furniture store locations, an enormous warehouse, and furniture that is bought and shipped directly from the manufacturer, you can rest assured knowing that our lease-to-own furniture program will help you design the home that you’ve always wanted.

And keep in mind, with our SmartLease™ home furniture option, you have the freedom to:

Buy Online

Shopping for lease-to-own furniture online is the quickest, easiest, and most convenient way to browse. With a seemingly endless array of styles, collections, and designs, you can look through Sam’s vast inventory of home furniture, mattresses, appliances, and a whole lot more with a few simple clicks.

Whether you’re looking for Signature Design by Ashley, the latest in home appliances, or even a brand new outdoor patio furniture set, you can rest assured that Sam’s online furniture store has it.

And did we mention that you can even apply and get approved for our lease-to-own furniture program online? No hoops, no hassles, and a simple credit check is all that it takes. Once you’ve been approved, you can continue to buy your lease-to-own furniture online, or you can swing by one of our three North Texas locations to try out the furniture of your dreams in person.


Repair or Build Credit

You’ve heard this one before. A store advertises a lease program with no credit checks and no hassles. But what you really get is a high interest rate and an inability to make your monthly payments. Well that’s not how we do things here at Sam’s. With our SmartLease™ furniture program, you can rent-to-own home furniture easier than ever before regardless of your current or past credit history.

That’s because we truly do want to make it easy for you to get a second chance at your credit, all while bringing home and lounging in the stylish furniture of your choosing.

Our professional, courteous team will work hard to get you approved for an amount and payment plan that you are comfortable with. That way, you can easily make your monthly payments, which therefore improve your credit score, and eventually own your furniture.

We understand that sometimes with finances, mistakes happen. That’s why even though we do check your credit score prior to approval, we aren’t expecting to see a perfect history. Instead, we want to help guide you toward a brighter credit future. With a simple 17-month payment plan, you can establish or repair your credit each month. All you need to do is make your monthly payment, which is then reported to each of the major credit bureaus. After time, you will see a potential limit increase and improved score, all while working toward ownership of your brand new luxury home furniture.


Take Your Pick

This might be the biggest perk of all. Once you are approved for our lease-to-own furniture program, you are free to purchase any item which fits in your budget and qualification with SmartLease™.

Sam’s Furniture & Appliance offers the widest selection of the best brand name furniture at the lowest prices, with a number of colors, styles, and design options to suit your fancy. You’ll find something for everyone here at Sam’s — and once again, we make it easy to find the right furniture with three North Texas furniture store locations as well as a full online furniture inventory.

Each rent-to-own furniture deal comes with a standard, 17-month agreement with a minimum three-month commitment. After those initial three months pass, you are free to pay off your lease and own your furniture even sooner. Just ask about the early payout option.

What Sets Sam's Apart


Sam’s Furniture & Appliance is far from your standard “rent-to-own” furniture store. That’s because we have a larger selection of brand name furniture (including signature Ashley Furniture collections and styles), lower cash prices, new inventory, a large and local warehouse, and more. Not to mention, we make it simpler than anyone to make your payments — we accept cash, check, credit card, online payment, and just about any other form of payment you can think of!

We have been providing Fort Worth and North Texas with unbeatable service and an unmatched selection of high quality furniture since 1946. Still have questions about our lease-to-own furniture program? Continue on to hear from some of our customers or visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Sam’s Furniture & Appliances Is Our Town’s Smart Choice

Sam's Furniture Reviews


"They are so willing to give people a second chance, no matter how bad their credit situation is!" -Stephanie S.

“They treat you really well, as if you were one of theirs; it’s improved my credit quite a bit and made things easier for me. If you’re going to go to Sam’s, you won’t be disappointed at all.“ - Enid, Fort Worth 

“I’ve been a Sam’s customer for almost 15 years…I’m not an account number, I’m a person. All my family purchases from Sam’s.” - Ruben, Sansom Park

“They seem to really, truly care about you. They want to make sure you get the best deal, and make sure when you walk out that door that you made the best decision and are happy with what you purchased... My credit scores have gone up probably 30 points.” - Sam’s Furniture neighbor/customer

“I believe it is the people here at Sam’s that makes it a whole lot different. We needed to establish credit, and this was the place to come...if you come here, you’ll find what you’re looking for. “ - Debbie, Watauga

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