King Mount Dana Firm Sleep Essentials Package -SE-MOUDAFKG

King Mount Dana Firm Sleep Essentials Package -SE-MOUDAFKG

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Boxspring Foundation 

2 Pillows 

1 Set of sheets 

I mattress Protector 


Mount Dana Firm M621:

Get back to restful nights and refreshed mornings with the Mt. Dana Ltd. firm king mattress. It's ideal for back and stomach sleepers, who prefer a mattress that doesn't “give” too much yet still pampers with cradling comfort. Five different levels of high-density foam—including a layer of gel memory foam for temperature regulation—work in concert to provide the ideal balance of comfort and support. Rest assured, power packed 15-gauge wrapped steel coils offer reinforced structural support where you need it most, while 13-gauge wrapped coils provide edge support for a larger sleep surface and supportive sitting surface

Gelled Micro Pillow:

  • Gel-coated microfiber fill
  • Feels like down, no odors
  • Universal to all sleep positions
  • Filled with gel-coated microfibers

Brushed Microfiber Sheets:

  • Super soft, brushed microfiber
  • Stain and wrinkle resistant
  • Oversized dimensions to cover mattress sides

Prime Smooth Mattress Protector:

  • Thin, smooth surface
  • Breathable and 100% waterproof
  • Allergen and dust mite proof
  • Liquid-proof yet breathable



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