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Blog from Jeff London, 3rd Generation Owner of Sam's Furniture

Welcome to our Blog! We appreciate you checking us out and, hopefully, shopping with us. I'm Jeff London and, along with my wife, we are 3rd Generation Owners of Sam's Furniture and Appliances, serving the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex since 1946. Using this page, I will be sharing information about our business, our products and our team. I hope to have a little fun with it, as well.

Before we start, I do want to thank all of our customers and our team (past and present) for supporting us throughout the years. Our success has always depended on the community and we are lucky to have GREAT, LOYAL customers.

I look forward to hearing from you with any suggestions/concerns/feedback. Please email me at

Ok...Let's do this....

Buying a Mattress Does Not Have To Be Complicated! - June 2023

Over the 10+ years that I have been in retail furniture, I have worked with our community to help them get their new mattress. I've read books on the topic. I keep up with the trade magazines. I visit the trade shows, testing mattresses and talking to suppliers. I work with our sales team to get their thoughts. And, most importantly, I get feedback from our customers! Although I know that I have a lot still to learn, I have enough experience to I say that "Buying a mattress does not have to be complicated!"

Mattress basics. With the exception of air and water mattresses (admittedly, which I know very little about), every mattress is some combination of foam, steel and fabric. There are different types of coils, different densities and feels of foam, and way more fabric options than I care to think about. Those materials have varying costs as well. Our suppliers (Ashley Sleep, Serta and Royal Mattress) will figure out the best combinations of their materials to create a mattress with a certain comfort and support at a specific price.

Online vs Physical Store Purchase. I admit that I am biased on this topic. Although we have an online presence and can sell mattresses on our site, I believe it is extremely important to visit your local store, to touch and feel the mattresses and work with salespersons to get the right fit. YOU know your comfort and support needs and YOU can make a much better decision after laying on the mattresses. When you visit a store, you should expect to be asked about your sleeping style, your comfort level, your price expectations, the size needed and the expected usage (children, guest bedroom, etc.). Your salesperson should work hard to understand your expectations and find the right mattress for YOU!

Features. Mattresses, foundations, protectors, pillows and sheets have a very important job. They work together to get you the most restorative sleep possible. Good sleep helps us recharge for the next day, gives us more energy, makes us more healthy and enables us to think clearer. Basically, BE HAPPIER! When learning about the features of a mattress, think of what interrupts your sleep during the night. If you wake up because you feel hot, then a mattress that helps cool your body temperature would be valuable. If you toss and turn at night, then you should make sure that the comfort level is right for you. If you have aches that prevent restful sleep, then an adjustable base could be a good fit. Mattress manufacturers are always introducing new technology to help you get better sleep.

Here's another hint. Think of your shopping in 3 steps. First, pick out the best mattress for you at the BEST price. Second, pick your support structure for the mattress. Lastly, choose your sleep essentials (mattress protectors, pillows, sheets). Our website is separated so that you can follow this program. For our mattresses, we have highlighted the vendors, some features, everyday low prices and comfort levels and grouped them by size or price. Our "Foundations" page easily explains the options of what goes under your mattress. With our "Sleep Essentials", you can see the products that are the right finishing touches to customize your sleep.

Please use our website to shop and get a GREAT feel for your value expectations and to prepare for your testing of the mattresses at the store. Please email me with any questions. We look forward to seeing you in the store!!!