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"Buying a Mattress Does Not Have To Be Complicated"

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sleep matters.

The average person spends about one-third of their life asleep. That’s far too long to spend on an uncomfortable, lumpy mattress! Invest in great sleep by shopping the mattress collection at Sam's Appliance & Furniture. When shopping for a new mattress, our clients are happy to rely on us. We offer a huge collection of comfy mattresses, including mattresses in all sizes, comfort levels, and material compositions. Plus, you’ll love the affordable prices on our brand name selections. Don’t forget to check out our great deals on bedding and pillows! There's no need to shop anywhere else in the Fort Worth, Arlington, Dallas, Irving, Texas areas.

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What Goes Under Your Mattress?

Lifestyle Base

Adjustable Base

An adjustable bed base allows you to sleep at angles that reduce pressure points, puts less strain on your heart, promotes proper circulation and provides personalized support and comfort. Adjustable bases can also alleviate back pain, help with snoring, reflux and heartburn.

Box Spring Foundation

Box Spring Foundation

Not ready to upgrade to an adjustable base just yet? We offer a variety of box springs that provide a solid foundation for your new mattress to sit on.

Highrise Foundation

Metal Foundation

BEST solution for YOU! Steel construction for long life, designed for easy maneuverability! Stabile structure for your new mattress! Added plus of underbed storage, if needed! Prolongs the life of your bed. Replaces traditional foundation and bed frame with less cost.

Structure Frame

Structure Frame

The Structure Bed Frame provides lasting support. Heavy-duty steel construction creates a solid foundation for your mattress

Top It Off

Here at Sam's Furniture, we know that the RIGHT Mattress Protectors, Pillows and Sheets are essential to your overall sleep.

Our Sleep Essentials are a great value and come from industry leading vendor partners.

Did you know?

Pillows should be replaced every 18-24 months

better sleep
better health

70% of consumers buy new sheets within 2 weeks of purchasing a new mattress

pillows can contribute as much as 50% to your sleep experience

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